20 minutes free on each rental for all* BVG-subscribers

*For all BVG-subscribers from 16 years on, excapt holders of pupil tickets. 

How it works: 

Sign up: 

Put your VBB-fahrCard (chip card) on the BikeComputer. Then enter your phone number and press "OK". The BikeComputer links the VBB-fahrCard and your phone number automatically and activates the free minutes. In this step, it doesn't matter, if you are already a Deezer nextbike customer or if you sign up for the first time. 


To confirm the T&C of Deezer nextbike, you need to enter your phone number again to the BikeComputer and press "OK". Via SMS you get the pin to login at your Deezer nextbike - customer account


Afterwards you can open the lock on the front of the Bike and cycle. To stop the rental, simply park the bike at an official Deezer nextbike Station in Berlin. You can also return the bike at any main street or junction within the inner city circle (S-Bahn-Ring), for this we charge an extra fee of 0,50 €. If you just want to make a short stop and keep on riding after some time, close the lock and press "P" on the BikeComputer. Afterwards, you can again open the lock with your VBB-fahrCard. If you want to stop the rental, close the lock and press "OK" at the BikeComputer. 

After the 20 free minutes?

After the 20 minutes of free rental, the basic Deezer nextbike rate applies. If you intend to ride longer than 20 minutes, you need to add your method of payment to your customer account. If you don't do so, your Deezer nextbike account will be disbaled. 

Campaign period: till 31.12.2018. Applies for all BVG-subscribers from 16 years on (VBB-Umweltkarte, VBB-Abo 65plus, 10-Uhr-Karte, Firmenticketinhaber, Monatskarte für Auszubildende) excapt holders of pupil tickets. Verification via VBB-fahrCard at the beginning of the rental is possible. Special conditions only apply for berlin and just for the first bike (with one account you can rent up to four bikes). Multiple usage of the offer is possible. 

VBB – Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg

The VBB is a partner of nextbike. With the VBB-fahrCard you can easiliy rent a bike by holding it up to the BikeComputer. The lock-code to park and unlock the bike will be sent to you via text message.

You're not a nextbike customer yet but you have a VBB-fahrCard? Just hold your your VBB-fahrCard up to the BikeComputer and follow the instructions. You will be asked to insert and confirm your phone number. Following that you will be sent a 6-digit PIN code via text message and the bike will be unlocked.
Before you rent your second bike, you will have to verify your account by logging in to your customer account via app or by inserting your phone number and PIN. 

You are a nextbike customer yet? Simply hold your VBB-fahrCard up to the BikeComputer and follow the instructions. You will be asked to insert your phone number in ordner to link your VBB account to your nextbike account.